Get the most out of the Suggestions bot in your server. The features available are some of the best and are built on top and towards the best user experience. Read more today.

💼 Management

Organization will not be an issue with the Suggestions bot. Interact with suggestions in various ways.

Need to clarify something to the community? Add a note using the note command. Add as many as you need. The bot will update the message with the newest note. See all notes of a suggestion via the dashboard*!

Suggestion notes
A suggestion note.

Implemented a new suggestion? Or did the suggestion not fit the prerequisites or downvoted by the community? Manage these suggestions with the approve or reject commands so you and the community know what is and isn't going on.

Approved suggestion
An approved suggestion.
* The dashboard is still a work in progress.

🎨 Customization

With the Suggestions bot, we try to unpack features that allow you as a server owner or administrator to customize features of the bot you and your community's liking. Keep reading for some examples of what can be customized via the config command.

Want to change what emojis are added to suggestions? Us too, sometimes. Simply use the config emojis option to do that!

Emoji sets
Various emoji sets to choose from.

What about the prefix? Or the suggestions channel? Don't worry. We have that covered 👍. You can use config options like config prefix and config channel to do that. And there's one more thing... you can add/remove any roles you want to manage suggestions. Check out the config roles options to configure and see who can manage suggestions.

Every possible configuration option is fully documented via our documentation website!

Suggestions bot roles and admins
Suggestions bot roles and admins in a guild.

🔖 Documentation

Want to unlock the full potential of the Suggestions bot and become a power user? It's recommended to check out the documentation where you can find everything you need regarding the bot's usage. From setting up staff roles to creating a staff-only suggestions channel. Check it out below!

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❗ Get Started

What are you waiting for? Like what you see? Start below! Want to see more commands? Check out the documentation!

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