About Suggestions

The Suggestions bot is created with the purpose of having an easy to use, but powerful tool and user experience designed for all. It's meant to be one of the essentials bots one could need in their Discord server.

The bot started out with the idea to solve a simple problem. In a Discord server where a suggestions channel existed and people constantly suggesting ideas, there was a problem. Lack of organization and managing new ideas. No way to keep track of what is or isn't an idea because anyone could submit a message or add reactions. With a solution in mind, the Suggestions bot came to be in early August of 2018.

Whether you are a YouTuber, e-Sports Team Owner, an owner of a game server, or someone who wants to have friends suggest new ideas in your new guild, this bot will and is meant to meet the needs of your Discord.

The developer, anthony#8577, is constantly updating the Suggestions bot and actively communicates with his user base. He's listening to the ideas you have and making the bot better all the time. So know you know more about the bot. But if you haven't invited it yet, what are you doing? Join us today!